Memorabilia Mvsevm Decoration ceramic white / Woman’s head - H 37 cm - Seletti

Variation :  Woman’s head / White

Designer :  Marcantonio



Product detail

  • Type : Decoration
  • Colour : Mat white
  • Material : Ceramic
  • Dimensions : H 37 x L 27 x Depth 18 cm
  • Weight : 7.7 lb
  • Characteristics : Nymph's head
  • Country of Manufacture : China


Antiquity has continuously inspired modern artists... The Italian designer, Marcantonio created the Memorabilia Museum collection like marbles of antiquity that have reached us in a fragmentary way. The artist, Marcantonio, appropriates fragments from classical antiquity and allows them to speak with the present. These nine porcelain reproductions of parts of the human body are inspired by works...

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