Ptolomeo Art XL Bookcase metal brown 1 face - H 215 x L 40 cm - Opinion Ciatti

Variation :  Corten brown

Designer :  Bruno Rainaldi



Product detail

  • Type : Bookcase
  • Colour : Corten brown
  • Material : Metal
  • Dimensions : H 215 cm - Base : 40 x 40 cm
  • Weight : 154 lb
  • Characteristics : UK adaptor
  • Country of Manufacture : Italy
eco design


"""Bruno Rainaldi about Ptolomeo collection: """"Piles of books on the study tables, too many to get round with the duster. Piles of books on all the other table in the house, that you have to move every time you need to lay the table. A pile on the bedside table to the left of the bed, and another on the floor beside the bed. Some more on the right. Books piled up in the spaces between...

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