Fixation strap for armrest - / For the Bicoca lamp - Marset

Variation :  Grey

Designer :  Christophe Mathieu



Product detail

  • Type : Accessory
  • Colour : Grey
  • Material : Textile
  • Dimensions : L 46.7 x W 10 cm
  • Weight : 0.66 lb
  • Characteristics : Flexible strap for fixing the Marset Bicoca lamp to an armrest (of a sofa or armchair) - Included: a magnetised disc to be fixed under the base of the Bicoca lamp - The lamp simply snaps magnetically onto the strap, which contains a metal insert - PLEASE NOTE: Bicoca lamp not supplied
  • Country of Manufacture : Spain
eco design


You can use this strap to fix the Bicoca lamp to the arm of a sofa or chair. It is a supple, fabric strap that contains a metal insert, which means it remains flexible while offering a degree of rigidity. The strap comes with a magnetised disc you can fix easily beneath the base of the Bicoca lamp. Simply stretch the strap over the arm of your sofa, then attach the Bicoca lamp magnetically...

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