String Works™ Legs metal white For desk - Motorized - String Furniture

Variation :  White

Designer :  Björn DahlströmAnna von Schewen

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Product detail

  • Type : Legs
  • Colour : White
  • Material : Metal
  • Dimensions : L 160 cm x Depth 78 cm - H min 71,5 cm - H max 118,5 cm
  • Weight : 19.8 lb
  • Characteristics : Office modular system suitable for String Works - Electrically adjustable height - Included : electric motor which is installed in the transom under the desk - Included : wired remote control box connected to the engine and that attaches to the right of the desk. All electrical system plugs into industry with a single socket - The metal cross under the desk helps to hide the wiring and cables - 38 screws - Made in Sweden
  • Country of Manufacture : Sweden
eco design


When architects Anna von schewen and industrial designer Björn dahlström recently designed the folding table and bowl shelf for string we asked them to continue. The question was: is it possible to make your work place as pleasant an environment as your living room and still be fully functional? Their response was to develop a whole series of products using the string system as a base. We...

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