Style to find the right angle?

As a fan of minimalist decoration with stained, functional interiors, you’re sure to love its ultramodern style!

In search of luxury that shuns the superfluous, the ultramodern always approaches design from the right angle, with near-architectural rigour. Essential pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair by Vitra interact with sculptural objects that create their own special spaces, like this floor lamp by Mogg. Pieces created by the greatest designers, timeless pieces in neutral, immaculate colours transform your home into a refuge of tranquillity. Black and white create balance, combining the noble materials of marble, leather and silver. Always on the move, the ultramodern favours functionality pushed to the extreme, to support the way you live your life.

Minimalist decoration is yours to enjoy, so reveal the Ultramodern you!


Noble materials

Sculptural objects

The sophistication of black and white

A mix of designed, functional items

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