Canopie Zoé Vase ceramic blue white / with lid - Seletti

Variation :  Zoe / Blue

Designer :  Elena Cutolo



Product detail

  • Type : Vase
  • Colour : Blue - White
  • Material : Ceramic
  • Dimensions : Ø 17.5 x H 25.5 cm (without the head) / 36.5 cm (with the head)
  • Weight : 9.9 lb
  • Characteristics : Vase with lid in the shape of a head
  • Country of Manufacture : China



A vase with such delicate features that you would think that it is a doll... Canopie is a collection of china vases created by the designer, Elena Cutolo. It is made up of five vases, each representing a young girl with a different origin: Pepa from America, Lula from Oceania, Rosio from Africa, Izumi from Asia and Zoe from Europe. To tell them apart, these vases sport different colours and...

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